Hello! Welcome to the online home of Byrnes.

We are a Takeaway in the Walton area of Liverpool.

We hope you enjoy our website, why not find out more about us, or get in touch.

We accept telephone orders and look forward to taking yours. We have served many generations over the years and pride ourselves on the long and lasting relationship we have with our customers, they don't hesitate in telling us what they want and David trys to make sure that they don't get it, sorry slip of the finger, of course that should be that they DO get it.
We are a family business started by Patrick Joseph Byrne in 1932 shortly after he came to Liverpool from Dublin.  Although the equipment has changed over the years the food is prepared in the same way.  The recipe for our fishcakes is the same now as then, we only use the best fish and potatoes on the market.
We know how good our food is and we look forward to serving you in the future. 

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